Brr Protocol Presale

Brr Protocol
1 min readMar 20, 2023

The BRR Protocol is set to host a public presale with a hard cap of 180 ETH, following a private sale of 10 ETH. The private sale will have a per-user cap of 1 ETH and a token price of $0.7. The public presale will be divided into three distinct tiers:

Tier 1:

  • 112,500 $BRR at 0.8$
  • 3 ETH limit per wallet and 50 ETH cap.

Tier 2:

  • 120,000 $BRR at 0.9$
  • 5 ETH limit per wallet and 60 ETH cap.

Tier 3:

  • 126,000 $BRR at 1$
  • 10 ETH limit per wallet and 70ETH cap.

The listing price will be equivalent to the Tier 3 pricing, set at $1 per token.

Tokenomics have been updated in our docs (check here).

The presale will be hosted on our website (exact link TBA) at 21/03/23 and will last for 48 hours. Th presale contract will be published and verified on Arbiscan.