Brr Protocol
2 min readFeb 12, 2023

During the existence of cryptocurrency, there lived many brilliant minds and visionary creators. They were known throughout the space for their innovative ponzinomics and ground-breaking protocols that changed the course of crypto history. But as time passed, each of these creators went their separate ways, some pursuing their own projects and dreams, others went to jail. Since, then the crypto-currency world was left without their unifying leadership and direction.

One day, a strange wind blew through the land, bringing with it a mysterious invitation. The invitation was from a secretive and powerful entity known only as “Jee See Are”. Jee See Are had brought together the brightest and most innovative minds in Defi, including SBF, SIFU, DoKwon, Zhu Su, BitFinex hackers couple, and the most revered of them all, Jerome Powell. Jee See Are had a grand plan to revolutionize the world of Defi and bring it to new heights, and he needed the help of these great minds to make it happen.

Together, these Ponzi legends worked tirelessly to create a new protocol, one that would surpass all others in its efficiency and potential. They called it the “Brr Protocol”. The Brr Protocol was designed to bring all of Defi’s disparate systems and protocols together into a seamless and unified network. It would allow for unprecedented collaboration and innovation, as well as new levels of decentralization and security.

And when the Brr Protocol was finally released into the world, it caused a great stir. People flocked to it from far and wide, eager to experience its revolutionary power. This protocol held the power to create riches beyond measure, and many people flocked to it in search of wealth. The Brr Protocol was responsible for the extended period of the Brr Fork season, which generated substantial monetary gains for its participants. Retail investors, not wanting to be left behind, also joined the fray, buying $BRR in droves, driven by fear of missing out on the riches that others were sure to reap.

And Jee See Are, along with the greatest minds in Defi, stood back and watched as the Brr Protocol began to change the DEFI World. And so, the tale of the Brr Protocol came to a close, but its impact would be felt for generations to come. The brightest minds in Defi had come together once again, and their collaboration had given birth to a new era in the land of decentralized finance :

A ponzi can be kept alive so long as humans are alive.